The mystique of New York City and his quintessential German name cannot better describe the music work of FH Kern. He combines ethereal and peaceful piano tunes with electronic sensibilities and broken drum machines between the poles of urbanity, classical discipline and emotions. Friedrich Heinrich Kern’s work is dedicated to unfolding soundscapes and the state of suspense between dream and awakening. After years of composing for the New York contemporary classic scene, he translates his works using piano, field recordings and beat structures into his recent creations, not denying his worldwide traveling and classical background. Collaborations shape his ideas and music genius. He moves freely between the worlds of electronic and acoustic music, unwilling to accept music boundaries, languages, and any barriers between them. From a tiny in rural Germany to the biggest metropolis in the world, this is his story. His debut EP, titled ‘Within’, will be released on M=MAXIMAL (Zebralution/Warner). On tour in June 2017 with Exchampion. In addition to his work with electronic instruments and media, Friedrich has composed works for acoustic instrumentations, ranging from soloist to full orchestra. His creative output spans a wide range of music: works for orchestra, film, and dance, both electronic and instrumental music. His latest collaboration: ‘The Paganini Project’ with Niklas Liepe (Sony Classical, Autumn 2017).